Site de démonstration pour le plugin WooCommerce Mondial Relay

Un site Wordpress de démonstration du plugin WooCommerce Mondial Relay est disponible, ceci afin de vous permettre de voir de façon transparente le bon fonctionnement du plugin WooCommerce Mondial Relay.

Voici le détails des réglages effectuées sur ce site (en anglais) :



The website uses Bedrock, a modern WordPress stack that helps you get started with the best development tools and project structure.


The website is hosted on a Dokku server.

Themes installed

  • Storefront
  • WooCommerce Mondial Relay (a simple Storefront child)

Plugins installed

WooCommerce Mondial Relay theme

A child theme for Storefront is included in the project. This theme is designed to be used as a the theme for the WooCommerce Mondial Relay demo.

The theme itself has no functionality.

Google Analytics

I don’t really care about the traffic of this website, I barely look at that stuff and I don’t want to annoy the visitors with a cookie from Google. 👋 Goodbye Google Analytics.

WooCommerce configuration

  • Units: g
  • Charging tax: 20%

Payment method

  • Cash on delivery

Shipping methods

Region Method Name Price
France 🇫🇷 Flat rate Mondial Relay 3 €
France 🇫🇷 Flat rate Other shipping 2 €
Europe 🇪🇺 Flat rate Mondial Relay 5 €
Europe 🇪🇺 Flat rate Other shipping 4 €


Product Price Weight
Test product 10 € 300g

WooCommerce Mondial Relay configuration


Label Value
Expéditeur Vendeur
Rue 1 Rue du vendeur
Code postal 75001
Ville Paris
Pays France
Téléphone 0123456789


Shipping method activated for Mondial Relay:

  • Mondial Relay France
  • Mondial Relay Europe

Google Maps API

A Google Api Key limited to the domain of the WooCommerce Mondial Relay plugin demo website is used to display the Google map on the ParcelShop Picker widget.


The SSL option is activated for the ParcelShop Picker widget.